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Does 12mm pixels can be made with white and black color wire?[ 2012-11-24 ]
Yes,they can be made in any color you request,and any wire length you need.
Does the PCB color of pixels and dot lights can be made black?[ 2012-11-24 ]
Yes,the standard PCB color is Green,they can be made in black color.
Does the S-strips have 8mm width?[ 2012-11-24 ]
Yes,currently we have 6mm width and 8mm width S-strips,and we use SMD2835 LED mounted on these strips,and we have 6W/m and 12W/m strips.
What type LED modules do you have?[ 2012-11-24 ]
We have epoxy modules of SMD5050,SMD3528,SMD2835..4LED modules,3 LED modules,2 LED modules and Injection modules and high power LED modules...
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